Upcoming Events

I Will Walk With You

Started by a BU student, this walk shows support for survivors during Sexual Assault Awareness Month and kicks off Sexual Assault Awareness Week. SARP ambassadors lead the way and spray paint the path from the SARP office to the rest of the campus, encouraging passing students to participate. Event Date and Time TBD.

SARPtastic Book Fair & Raffle

Ever wondered how sexual violence impacts literature? This year, in partnership with the Mugar Library, SARP will be hosting it’s first book fair and raffle! Come chat with the Ambassadors to learn about the ways in which sexual violence is discussed in popular books. Popcorn and book giveaways also make this event one you won’t want to miss. This event will take place on Thursday, April 18th from 5-7pm in the Mugar Library. 

Denim and Donuts – Denim Day Observation

Denim Day was started as a way to fight back against victim-blaming for survivors of sexual violence. Each year, people all over the world wear jeans to support survivors and educate the community. To learn more about this movement, please visit denimday.org. This year, we will be tabling outside student residence halls to spread awareness and facilitate conversation over donuts. This event will take place on Wednesday, April 24th from 4-6pm at Warren Towers and West Campus. 

Speaker Series

Continuing the tradition started last year, SARP will once again be hosting The Speaker Series! These events each feature a different speaker who works in violence prevention. These talks provide a great opportunity to learn about the varying career paths associated with prevention work, as well as a chance to meet with specialists in the field and share space with others impassioned by this line of work. Please email prevent@bu.edu to learn more. The next speaker series will take place on Monday, April 22nd from 6-8pm in CGS 511 Auditorium. 

April 22nd – Ellen Wood

April 29th – Carol Hay

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  • /200 Project by Ali Waller

  • The Clothesline Project

  • I Will Walk With You

  • Cones For Consent

  • Incarcerated Survivor Letter Writing

  • Healing Patch

Past Events

/200 Artist Reception

Through this large scale installation, Artist Ali Waller casted the busts of survivors as one step in their healing journey. The casts displayed at the BU Arts Initiative and were representative of survivors at Boston University and the Greater Boston Area. To learn more about Ali Waller, you can visit her website at aliwaller.shop 

The Clothesline Project

Every April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. SARP has chosen The Clothesline Project as an annual event to bring awareness to the issue of sexual assault and empower survivors on campus. Find out more about this project with a video created by one of our prevention educators.

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Cones for Consent

Arguably SARP’s ‘coolest’ event of the year. In the Spring of 2022, and the Fall of 2022, we distributed over 1000 ice cream cones to students while talking about consent and gathering students’ perspectives. This event drew in large crowds and was a great way to engage with students around the topic of consent. We surveyed the students who attended with questions such as what consent means to them, how they would describe consent, and more! Plus, free ice cream is always a crowd pleaser. 

Healing Patch

SARP’s newest event, The Healing Patch, launched in September 2023. In aligning with our theme for the year of Body & Healing, we decided to create our own ‘Pumpkin Patch’ of healing affirmations. Students wrote ways in which they heal on pumpkin-shaped patches that could then be displayed on backpacks, in dorm rooms, etc. as a reminder of strength and healing during difficult times. Additionally, we had a local coffee cart, Koko Café, serve students with hand-crafted lattes and fall pastries. This event was a great kick-off to our programming for the year and was well-attended by the student body. To learn more about this event, please email prevent@bu.edu.