BU Student Health Services (SHS) strives to provide the best care to our students. If a student believes that they did not receive quality care or services or wants to provide general feedback, SHS would like to hear from them. Feedback from our students allows us to better address areas of concern, make positive changes as needed, and continuously improve the care and services we provide.

Patients may communicate feedback in any of the following ways:

  • Submitting feedback through the SHS feedback form. Submission can be anonymous.
  • Telling an SHS employee, who will then relay the feedback to their manager.
  • Calling Student Health Services at 617-353-3575. 
  • Sending an email to shsfeedback@bu.edu. To discuss personal medical information, please send an email securely by using Datamotion. Please note, this method is not anonymous, as it will be associated with a name and email address. 

      SHS’ responsibility when feedback is received

      If follow up is requested, the submitter will receive an automated email acknowledgement. An SHS staff member will follow up with the student within 10 business days regarding next steps. We also may contact the student for additional information to ensure we fully understand the concerns. If the submission is anonymous, no confirmation email will be sent.

      Please note:  

      • Students who wish to release information to their representative (such as a parent or guardian) must have a Release of Information (ROI) form on file, filled out and signed by the student.    
      • In cases where the feedback is submitted by a non-authorized representative, the feedback will be reviewed, however the non-authorized representative will not receive a resolution response to their submitted feedback on behalf of the patient. 

      View Patient Rights and Responsibilities 

      Other options for providing feedback

      There are also other avenues available through BU, depending on the nature of the problem. 

      Boston University Office of the Ombuds. Can listen to your concerns and advise on dispute resolution and how to file grievances. Maintains confidentiality, reports to the President of Boston University. 617-358-5960 

      Boston University Ethics and Compliance Hotline. A third-party provider that allows for anonymous and confidential reporting of activities that may involve improper conduct or violations of law or BU policy. 866-294-8451 

      Boston University Equal Opportunity Incident Report. The primary investigator of discrimination and sexual misconduct complaints at BU. 617-358-1796