The Sexual Assault Response & Prevention Center (SARP) provides trainings and workshops, sponsors and co-sponsors events to promote awareness on campus, and engages students to be active participants in sexual and interpersonal violence prevention.

In our prevention work, SARP collaborates with departments and student organizations on campus to foster and promote individual and collective action to reduce sexual and interpersonal violence.

Step Up Step In BU (SUSIBU)

Step Up Step In BU (SUSIBU) is the University’s primary sexual violence prevention program. It is an interactive training that raises awareness about the prevalence of sexual assault and what we as members of the BU community can do to prevent it. Topics covered include: the responsibilities of leaders and the community, consent, exploring rape culture, bystander intervention strategies, and more. By the end of SUSIBU we hope for participants to identify themselves as pro-social bystanders who have a role in safely intervening in situations that may lead to a harmful outcome such as sexual assault.

Additional educational programs are available upon request such as Healthy Relationships, How to Support a Survivor, and more. For information about these programs, please email SARP.

Other Events

Please check our calendar for a list of events throughout the academic year SARP sponsors and participates in. These include events and initiatives such as:

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