At Boston University, we believe communication is vital to scientific endeavors, and we want to empower our faculty and community to communicate in effective, compelling, and accessible ways. Our Strategic Communications Series, co-hosted by the Office of Research and the PR | Social Media team, is designed to do just that.

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This engaging and informative workshop shared tips about op-ed writing and how to pitch media. It was led by editors at The Conversation, an influential media outlet that publishes content exclusively from academics and researchers.

Deputy editor Emily Costello, and senior science and technology editor Maggie Villiger covered the best practices for op-ed pitching, drafting, and placement, as well as how to take advantage of The Conversation and work most effectively with its editorial staff. Whether you are brand new to op-ed writing or looking for a refresher, this workshop is uniquely geared towards helping faculty, researchers and scientists of all disciplines write about their work in a way that can inform public debate and shape scientific, cultural and intellectual agendas.