Hugh Baxter

Professor of Law and Philosophy
Ph.D.,Yale University; JD, Stanford University

Interests: Legal and Social Theory, Constitutional Law, Political Philosophy, Election Law

Hugh Baxter’s courses concern legal philosophy, constitutional law, election law, and tort law. His publications have been in the areas of legal/social theory and constitutional law.



Habermas: The Discourse Theory of Law and Democracy (2011).

Recent Articles and Reviews:

“Dworkin’s ‘One-System’ Conception of Law and Morality,” Boston University Law Review 90:857-62 (2010)

“Justice Ginsburg’s Dissent in Bush v. Gore,” New England Law Review 43:711-23 (2009)

“A Comment on Mark Tushnet’s ‘Some Notes on Congressional Capacity to Interpret the Constitution,’” Boston University Law Review 89:511-514 (2009)

Review of David Bilchitz, Poverty and Fundamental Rights, Philosophical Review, 118:253-55 (2009)