User Registration

Welcome to NPC lab resources, here you can find step by step instructions on how to get access to the NPC lab area and also to the scheduling system.

Access to the NPC core area:

To get access to the core area, you need to receive training and get your BU ID card activated to access the space on the second floor of 24 Cummington Mall.

John Jiang is managing this core space and needs to meet each person gaining access to the space.

Please fill out the User Registration form, and then John will follow up with you.

Instrument training and Scheduling:

In order to book time to use a core resource and/or get assistance, you need to be a user on Bookscheduler and you also need to be trained to use the instrument(s) you want. To get this training and then to get access to the scheduling system, please contact Parya Farzam.