At BU Law, we have an unwavering commitment to the career success of our LLM Students. Our experienced LLM Professional Development staff provides expert advice and guidance based on your professional background and career goals.

Take advantage of one-on-one counseling to develop job search strategies, interviewing skills, resume and cover letter preparation, and self-marketing. Specifically, learn how to craft a U.S.-style resume and cover letter. Meet with a member of our Professional Development staff to participate in a mock interview, and improve your interview skills. This is especially helpful if English is not your first language. You will have access to BU’s on-line job database, and you may receive help on that whenever you need it. Also, you will be able to attend our extensive array of career panels and workshops throughout the academic year.

Our resources are available to you whether you’re a full-time student enrolled in a yearlong LLM program, a part-time student attending residential courses in the evening, or a student in one of our online education programs. We are available to help you no matter what your future career goals might be – we are happy to work with you on achieving these and arming you with the information you need to navigate the job market.