LSAC Need-Based Fee Waiver

If you have received a need-based fee waiver from the Law School Admission Council (LSAC), you will automatically receive an application fee waiver when you apply to Boston University School of Law.

BU Law Need-Based Fee Waiver

To request a BU Law need-based fee waiver, e-mail us at with the following information. If you are a registered student, please include a copy of your current year’s financial aid award letter which includes budget and award. If you are not currently a student, please e-mail a letter stating your financial situation and include documentation. Please include your LSAC number with your e-mail request.

Service Fee Waiver

It is our policy to grant fee waivers to applicants who are currently in public service programs such as Teach for America, Peace Corps, Americorps/VISTA, City Year,  or the U.S. Armed Forces. Please e-mail us at with a letter verifying your participation. Please include your LSAC number with your e-mail request.

Merit-Based Fee Waiver

BU Law offers select candidates merit-based fee waivers through the LSAC Candidate Referral Service (CRS).

A fee waiver can only be granted prior to submitting your application.