Institute for the Classical Tradition
ANRW II.23.2, pp. 974-1022
Christian Views of Paganism
by Carlos A. Contreras, Fresno, Cal.


I. Apostolic Christianity's Disregard of the Pagan World 974
II. The Contrasting Views of Pagan and Christians 975
III. Justin's Rosy View of Pagan Philosophy 977
IV. The Old Testament as a Source of Pagan Philosophy 979
V. Clement of Alexandria: Greek Philosophy, a Preparation for Christian Doctrine 980
VI. Tatian's Outright Condemnation of Paganism 988
VII. Tertullian and the Many Implications of Idolatry 992
VIII. Arnobius and the Calamities of the Pagan World 1008
IX. Overview 1019
Bibliography 1020
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