Graduate Students Presenting at the Society for Classical Studies 2024

This year the department of Classical Studies is happy to announce that 10 of our graduate students will be presenting papers at Society for Classical Studies’ annual meeting! This year’s meeting will be held in Chicago from January 4th till the 7th. For more information on this year’s SCS meeting please visit:

Graduate student papers:

James Aglio, ‘Meter, Meaning, and the Iliadic Augment’

Maya Chakravorty, ‘Qui Curios Simulant et Bacchanalia Vivunt: Problematic Exemplarity in Juvenal’s Second Satire’

Brayden Hirsch, ‘Blindness and Vergil’s Auditory Imagination’

Allison Jodoin, ‘Empty Nesting: Mother-Bird Similes in Homer, Aeschylus, and Sophocles’

Hannah Kloster, ‘Catullus’ Nemesis: Amorous and Literary Retribution in the Catullan Corpus’

Peter Kotiuga, ‘”The Homeric Language for Rescue in Virgil’s Aeneid“’

Colin Lacey,Deserti Coniugis Iras: Aeneas, Helen, and Abandonment’

Alicia Matz, ‘Re-Centering Augustan Diana in Grattius’ Cynegetica

Amanda Rivera, ‘Family Trees: Orchards and the Raising of Children in Greek Epic’

Joe Watkins, ‘A Clean Celt? Ethno-Linguistic Comments in Catullus 23’