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ANRW Part II, 'Principat / Principate': volumes in preparation


Section 'Politische Geschichte / Political History' (comprising vols. II 1 - II 11):

Vols. II 11, 2-3: Political and social history of regions and provinces in Sicily, Sardinia, and Italy, and of the City of Rome, as well as general topics of regional history of the Empire (with, in vol. II 11, 3, important Addenda to vols. II 11, 1f.).

Section 'Künste /Arts' (comprising vol. II 12)

Vols. II 12, 4-6: Art in the regions and provinces of the Empire (continued) (with, in vol. II 12, 6, important Addenda to vols. II 12, 1ff.).

Section 'Religion' (comprising vols. II 16 - II 18 [Pagan religions], II 19 - II 21 [Judaism], II 22 [Gnosticism], and II 23 - II 28 [Christianity]):

Vol. II 18, 6: Pagan religions in Africa (without Egypt), Sicily, Sardinia, Italy, and the City of Rome (and important Addenda to vols. II 16, II 17, and II 18,1-5);

Vol. II 22, 1-3: Gnosticism and related phenomena;

Vol. II 24, 1-3: Geographical expansion, social history, and internal organization of early Christianity in the pre-Constantinian period;

Vol. II 26, 4-6: Topics of religious history related to the New Testament (in continuation of vols. II 26, 1-3, with, in vol. II 26, 4, important Addenda to vols. II 26,1 ff.);

Vol. II 27, 2-4: Authors and works of early Christian literature (Greek and Latin) of the pre-Constantinian period, after the New Testament (vols. II 25, 1-6) and the Apostolic Fathers (vol. II 27,1) (with, in vol. II 27, 4, important Addenda to vol. II 27, 1);

Vol. II 28, 1-4: General topics, i. e., topics not limited to individual authors and works, of language, literature, thought (doctrine), liturgy, and art of early Christianity in the pre-Constantinian period.

Section 'Sprachen und Literatur / Languages and Literature' (comprising vol. II 29 ['Sprachen / Languages'] and vols. II 30 - II 35 ['Literatur / Literature']):

Vol. II 29, 3: Languages in the regions and provinces of the Empire (in continuation of vols. II 29, 1-2, with important Addenda to those volumes);

Vol. II 35, 1-4: General topics, i. e., topics not limited to individual authors and works, on forms, genres, motifs, and themes as well as the conditions of the creation and reception of Latin and Greek literature.

Section 'Philosophie, Wissenschaften, Technik / Philosophy, Sciences, Technology' (comprising vols. II 36 ['Philosophie / Philosophy'] and II 37 ['Wissenschaften, Technik / Sciences, Technology']):

Vols. II 37, 4-6: Medicine (continued), the Sciences, Mathematics, and Technology (with, in vol. II 37, 6, important Addenda to vols. II 36 and II 37, 1ff.).

Types of contributions:

The character of contributions sought for this work varies between
— thematically broad overviews including basic bibliographical orientation;
— critical research reports on important major or minor subject areas striving for completeness in covering the publications of a substantial period of time (one or several decades, depending on the historical development of research in the area);
— critically annotated bibliographies of the same variable scope; and
— sample in-depth investigations of important subjects or interpretative studies of important sources (texts, monuments, etc.).

Combinations of these four basic types are possible as well.

Size of contributions:

The size of the individual contribution can range from around 20 to around 80, in special cases up to 100, 120 and even 150 manuscript pages (with an average of about 300 words per page), in accordance with the importance, the width, the complexity, and other aspects of the respective topic. Details are a matter of agreement between author and editor.

Conditions of cooperation:

Regrettably, there is no author's honorarium. Every author, however, receives a copy of the volume in which his or her article is contained as well as 30 offprints of the article itself free of charge, may order any number of additional offprints at a price equaling the publisher's own cost, and is entitled to buy at any time one copy of each individual volume, or groups of volumes, or the whole series with a 50% discount and any number of copies with a 25% discount off the regular retail price. Authors contributing to the ANRW are also granted a lifetime 25% discount on all publications, books or journals, issued by the publisher of ANRW, Walter de Gruyter & Co., Berlin and New York.

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