Dining plans

During the academic year, Boston University offers a choice of six dining plans designed to match a variety of students’ schedules. Each plan is unique, offering a specific number of all-you-care-to-eat meals per week or per semester and dining points that supplement your meals and can be used for additional food purchases. Refer to the plans and rates for the number of meals and dining points allotted with each dining plan.

If you are assigned to a dormitory-style residence, you are required to choose one of the six dining plans. If you do not select a dining plan, you will be assigned to the 14-Plus Plan.

The Unlimited dining plan allows unlimited visits during any meal period at any residence dining room. For example, you can have lunch at noon and then come back for a mid-afternoon snack.

The 14-Plus Plan, the 9-Plus Plan, and the Kosher Plan are popular choices because they offer a greater number of guaranteed meals throughout the year and have a generous allowance of dining points. The weekly meal allotment for these plans is reset just prior to breakfast on Friday each week, the start of the dining week during the academic year.

Kosher Plan participants may eat all meals served in the Hillel Dining Room in Hillel House including Shabbat meals, festive meals, and Passover Seders without paying an extra charge. One meal from the Kosher Plan will be deducted for each meal eaten at the Hillel House.

Participants of dining plans other than the Kosher Plan are welcome to dine at Hillel House; they may use a meal plus points, points, or cash. Pre-registration is required for Shabbat, festive, and Passover meals.

The 330 Plan and the 250 Plan offer a complete carryover of unused meals from week to week and from Semester I to Semester II. If the meal portion of these plans is depleted, you may use points, guest meals, or cash to purchase additional meals.

Dining plan meals are used for all-you-care-to-eat meals at any of the residence dining rooms. Many students choose to use their dining plan meals for their largest meals, such as lunch and dinner. The easiest way to decide which dining plan is best for you is to first determine how many all-you-care-to-eat meals you are likely to eat each week or each semester.

There is no refund for missed or unused meals at any time during the year.

Ten guest meals per semester are included in the six dining plans listed above to encourage students to have friends, family, and other guests join in the quality dining experience offered at Boston University. You may also use your guest meals for yourself, if you choose.

Dining Points

Dining points are part of your dining plan and are used like cash. Dining points can be used at on-campus dining locations and for pizza delivery. When at an on-campus dining location or ordering pizza, your dining points are automatically deducted from your account – before your Convenience Points. When your dining points balance is depleted, you may then use Convenience Points. Of course, when eating at one of the residence dining rooms one of your dining plan meals is deducted first.

Dining points are carried over from the fall semester to the spring semester, but are not carried over from academic year to academic year. At the end of the academic year, Boston University will refund any unused dining points at 50-percent of their value when the balance remaining is $10 or more.