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  • Stability Ball Planks with Rick

    Posted Monday August 3, 2020 in News & Events

    Up your core workout with the addition of stability ball planks, demonstrated below by Rick DiScipio, Assistant Manager of Fitness. Get into plank position, placing your forearms on top of…

  • 5 Ways to Create More Space to Move

    Posted Wednesday July 29, 2020 in News & Events

    If you’ve been looking for a new space for your workouts, look no further than your own home! Check out these simple ways to transform any room into a space…

  • Exercises for Maintaining Healthy Knees with Rick

    Posted Friday July 24, 2020 in News & Events

    Strengthening the muscles around your knees and doing exercises that target the knee flexion function of the hamstrings is essential to keeping your knees healthy and protected. Try these few exercises to…

  • Now Offering: Remote Personal Training

    Posted Wednesday July 22, 2020 in News & Events

      Ready to start or resume personal training? We are now offering 30 minute or one hour Remote Personal Training sessions with a nationally certified personal trainer! You will be matched…

  • Sun B Yoga Flow with Faith

    Posted Monday July 20, 2020 in News & Events

    FitRec yoga and barre instructor Faith is back to lead you through a classical Sun B Salutation. After you practice both basic Sun A and B yoga, you’ll see that…

  • Hiking Safety with Julia

    Posted Friday July 17, 2020 in News & Events

    Julia Bair Romero, Manager of Outdoor Programs, is back to give you some tips and tricks on how to hike safely, and shares how to identify sassafras, the plant that…

  • Climbing at Home with FitTreks

    Posted Wednesday July 15, 2020 in News & Events

    Want to continue your climbing practice, but can’t get to the crag? Use your counter tops or other solid spots in your house to see how far you can make…

  • How to Do Kneeling Leg Lifts

    Posted Monday July 13, 2020 in News & Events

    Looking for an exercise that simultaneously works both your upper and lower body? Try kneeling leg lifts to strengthen your hips, legs, and shoulders.  

  • Running Tips with Kate

    Posted Friday July 10, 2020 in News & Events

    Heading out for a run? Before you go, check out these tips from Kate Durant, Assistant Director of Programs, on how to warm up, set goals, and improve your pace….

  • Hip Mobility and Strength with Rick

    Posted Wednesday July 8, 2020 in News & Events

    The healthier and less restricted your hips can become, the better you’ll be able to perform many other exercises and functional movements. Rick DiScipio, Assistant Manager of Fitness, is back…

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