Strabismus Surgery – OphthoPearls

Dr. Rick LaRocca, Boston University

Step by step guide to strabismus surgery, with additional pearls on other pediatric ophthalmology topics.

Ophthalmic Surgery Instrument Trays

Dr. Dinn, University of Iowa

Photographic guide to typical ophthalmic surgery instrument trays, including phaco.

As Seen From Here – Ophthalmology Podcasts

Dr. Joshua Young, NYU School of Medicine

Regular Ophthalmology podcasts, in a “journal club” format.

Open Ophthalmology

Dr. Joshua Young, NYU School of Medicine

Growing collection Ophthalmology lectures.

Atlas of Gonioscopy Videos

Dr. Alward, University of Iowa

Excellent video guide to gonioscopy.

Extracapsular Cataract Extraction Video

Dr. Oetting, University of Iowa

ECCE video with well done voice over description, step by step. Sandwiched within a comprehensive guide to phacoemulsification, which is also well done.

Slit Lamp Exam

Dr. Timothy Root, MD

Great (and comical) guide to the slit lamp exam for first year residents and medical students.