#ClubMugar and More: Where to study for finals

December 12th, 2012

Has Club Mugar become a bit too much like a reunion? “Oh my gosh, she was in my FYSOP group and I haven’t seen her since we last did the ride the pony chant on Marsh!” “Oh, it’s my best friend’s brother’s best friend from back home! I haven’t seen him since last summer.” “That’s my old suitemate that I don’t know if I’m still friends with, but I’ll fake niceties with because I’m just not sure…”

Okay. Questions about if you are in fact still friends with that suitemate aside, it may be time to find a new place to study. Here are some ideas for study spots and last minute tutoring:

Finals studying at the GSU.

Getting A Little Help From My Friends
Need a little extra help before that calculus or biology final? Take advantage of the College of Arts and Sciences Forum and Educational Resource Center’s free peer tutoring on December 13th and 14th, from 4 to 8 p.m. on the third floor of the College of Arts & Sciences, 725 Commonwealth Ave. Tutors will be on hand to provide help in chemistry, biology, physics, math, economics, and French. There’s also room for individual study. CAS and ERC will offer free food and coffee at 8 p.m. Open study ends at 10 p.m.

Still Has That New Building Smell
The newest building on campus will be open for quiet study. 100 Bay State Road’s 5th and 6th floors (the Center for Career Development and Educational Resource Center) have extended study hours. The hours vary daily, but you should be able to find some time that fits into your busy study time schedule. Extended hours are for quiet study space only; no programs or services will be available.

We Promise To Keep The Organ Quiet
The GSU’s Metcalf Ballroom will be open for the traditional GIANT Study Hall (emphasis my own) starting on Friday, December 14th. It will be open as long as the building is open, which is 7am – 12am. It’s perfect for some quiet group study, with round tables galore.

Studying Close To Fenway
575 Commonwealth Avenue and Shelton Hall have large study lounges that are accessible without having to have on-campus resident status on your Terrier ID.

Free Coffee and Tea
Hillel has a bunch of free areas open for individual and group study, and are putting out free coffee and tea. The building at 213 Bay State Road will also keep its doors open longer during finals – they’ll stay open until 12am.

Inspiration Galore
Want a cozy, home-like quality with some inspiration to get you focused on the task at hand? You will find it at the Howard Thurman Center, on the Garden Level of the GSU. The center will be open their usual hours during reading period and finals, and has space for both individual and group study.

The Tried and True
There is nothing wrong with Club Mugar or the Moogz. It is still one of the largest study spaces on campus and has spaces tailor made for focusing on that final that is giving you fits. Mugar Library will be open 24 hours during reading period and finals, and will have shuttle service during the wee hours to make sure you aren’t walking home alone. In addition, other libraries throughout campus will have special programs and hours during break – visit your fave (be it Pickering or Pardee) to find out more.

Do you have another study space to suggest? Add away in the comments or email the Dean of Students office!

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