BU-CMD Instrumentation Core

The BU-CMD Instrumentation Core offers several pieces of analytical and synthesis instrumentation for use by both Boston University and external researchers.

Boston University Researchers should contact Lauren Brown for more information on both walkup and service-based use of BU-CMD Instrumentation at the following rates (new rates effective 4/1/17):

Service Description BU Internal Rate
UPLC-MS (unassisted) $3/sample
UPLC-MS (assisted) $111/sample
Analytical Chiral HPLC (Unassisted) $27/hour
Analytical Chiral HPLC (Assisted) $51/hour
Walkup NMR (ATB probe) peak: $20/hour
off-peak: $5/hour
Flow probe NMR (unassisted) $29/hour
Flow probe NMR (assisted) $173/hour
Microwave synthesizer $29/hour

Assisted use of these instruments is also available to external (non-BU) researchers. Contact Lauren Brown for more information and pricing.