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Minor in Music Performance

The Minor in Music Performance consists of 24 credits.

This minor will provide Boston University undergraduates with high-level training in instrumental or vocal performance. Concentrated individual study will be required, in addition to multiple semesters of ensemble participation and required coursework in music theory and music history. This minor is intended for student musicians with previously substantive music experiences—those who wish to expand upon established musical skills. It is not a viable option for those students wishing to experience an introduction to music study.

Admission to the minor in Performance is contingent upon the successful completion of a performance audition for members of the appropriate School of Music Performance department (Piano, Strings, Voice, or Woodwinds/Brass/Percussion). Please make arrangements for an entrance audition through the Performance Minor Advisor.

An additional placement audition is required for enrollment in Boston University ensembles. Audition information (dates and requirements) is established by the Ensembles office, and auditions are held the first week of the fall semester. All information regarding ensembles auditions can be found on the BU Ensembles website.

The basic structure of this minor’s curriculum is as follows:

Course Type
Music Theory 4 credits
Music History 6 credits
Private Music Instruction 4 credits
Ensemble Participation 6 credits
Approved Electives
4 credits
Total 24 credits

Advisor: Terry Everson

Minor in Music

The Minor in Music consists of 20 credits.

Required courses: Required courses: CFA MT101, MT102, MT111, MT112 (8 credits in music theory). A music theory placement exam is required before registering for these courses. Based on the results of this exam these courses may be waived, but must be replaced by other courses in music as approved by the advisor for music minors. No credit toward the completion of the minor in music will be given for the following courses: CFA MT105, MT106, MH105, and MH106. Additionally, AP Music Theory credits do not count toward the minor.

A supplemental 12 credits in music are chosen with the approval of the advisor for music minors. Applied music and composition courses require an audition or departmental approval.

Advisor: Jason Yust

Courses for the BU Community

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