Marine Biology

Marine BiologyBoston University has a world-class program in marine biology that is active in training students at both the undergraduate and graduate level. The marine biology research group includes professors who are leaders in their subdisciplines, including evolutionary and conservation genetics of marine organisms, sensory biology, ichthyology, evolution and development of marine organisms, marine microbial ecology, marine community ecology, and marine conservation science.

Marine biology faculty and their students are actively engaged in such exciting research topics as biomimicry, functional genomics, ocean exploration, and marine conservation, and are working at the cutting edge of scientific efforts to combat overfishing, global climate change, and marine species extinction. Our research is strengthened by close ties between biology faculty and colleagues from the Earth Sciences and Geography & Environment departments. In addition, both faculty and students enjoy the benefits of Boston University’s formal partnerships with the New England Aquarium, the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, the Sea Education Association, and a variety of government and non-governmental marine conservation organizations.

Faculty with Related Research

  • Jelle Atema
    Sensory biology, chemical signals, receptor physiology, animal behavior, behavioral ecology, chemical ecology, biomimetic robotics
  • Peter Buston
    Animal behavior, behavioral ecology, population ecology, evolutionary ecology, evolutionary genetics  marine ecology and biological oceanography
  • John Finnerty
    Evolution of development, developmental genetics, phylogenetics, evolutionary genomics, invertebrate zoology; coral conservation
  • Wally Fulweiler
    Biogeochemistry and Marine Ecology
  • Tom Gilmore
    Molecular biology, cell biology, signal transduction, cancer, molecular ecology
  • Les Kaufman
    Marine biology, evolutionary ecology, and conservation biology
  • Phillip S. Lobel
    Ichthyology; behavioral ecology and taxonomy of fishes

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