Undergraduate Programs

BA in Asian Studies & Minor in East Asian Studies

The Asian Studies major focuses on East Asia and South Asia, with attention to Central Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific Rim. It provides a broad interdisciplinary and comparative perspective, to deepen understanding of how Asian people, nations, states, regions, and diasporas have developed, functioned, and interacted, and how they view the world and themselves. The major is designed to be flexible, easily tailored to each student’s interests and learning goals, whether those focus on a certain country in the region or on particular transnational issues such as cultural flows, security, or economic development. Asian Studies majors are well prepared for graduate study and for careers in government, local and international non-governmental organizations, and the private sector.

The East Asian Studies (EAS) minor requires knowledge of written and spoken Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or Vietnamese (or, where appropriate, another Asian language) through the 212 level or its equivalent, as demonstrated through testing; and six courses in East Asian studies, including the two East Asian Core courses in Pre-Modern Heritage and Modern Transformation.

Take a look at courses currently offered this semester (Search for “Asia,” or other area of interest).

Language & Literature Studies

The College of Arts and Sciences at BU offers a broad range of courses in modern foreign languages through the Modern Languages and Comparative Literature, including

International Relations East Asia Track

In the Pardee School of Global Studies within CAS, students who major in International Relations must choose a regional and a functional track. The Asia regional track prepares students to better understand the international relations and domestic political and economic conditions of this important region.  Asia track courses are focused primarily on Northeast Asia (China, Japan, the Koreas, and Taiwan), but also include offerings on Southeast Asia and the Indian Subcontinent. 

Chinese and Japanese Houses

In order to foster language learning on campus, undergraduate students are able to apply to live in themed houses that serve to encourage academic and personal growth by connecting students with shared interests. Two brownstones on Bay State Road host our student language-learning communities in Chinese and Japanese:

  • Chinese House, 172 Bay State Road: 13 residents and one Resident Assistant
  • Japanese House, 206 Bay State Road: 23 students and one Resident Assistant

The houses are not conceived as cultural houses, but as language-learning communities. Students must be majors or minors or, at a minimum, enrolled in MLCL language courses. Native speakers are welcome if they are also taking MLCL classes. Visit the BU Housing Website for Specialty Community Residences for more information and to apply.