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Undergraduates interested in studying in Asia have a number of options open to them through BU Study Abroad. BUCSA works with Study Abroad to develop, increase, and improve these program opportunities for students to explore Asia and also to provide foreign language study in the most effective (and fun!) way—through full immersion in the culture. Ready for adventure?

Boston University Study Abroad offers an unmatched variety of academic and internship programs in more than 30 cities on six continents. Every year, students from Boston University and over 150 other colleges and universities nationwide enjoy the opportunity to study language, liberal arts, fine arts, science, business, engineering, or pursue an internship. Boston University was one of the first universities in the United States to send students abroad, and the first university to offer the study abroad internship on several continents.

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In China


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  • Maura Feltault, Fall '15, Shanghai Internship Program

    “Studying abroad in Shanghai was the best decision I made during my time at Boston University. It was not only a challenging, life changing experience but it was also an opportunity for me to learn about a different culture. Studying Chinese and learning about Chinese culture has made me feel more prepared for my career in hospitality and I wouldn't have wanted to go anywhere else.”

  • Seya Fadullon, Spring '16, Shanghai Internship Program

    “Studying in Shanghai was a life-changing and rewarding experience for me. Aside from gaining valuable international work experience interning with the Asia Pacific Financial Council, I vastly improved my language speaking skills, and established global connections both professionally and personally. Stepping out of your comfort zone can be scary, but being in an international environment, surrounded by new things, will change your world view and make you more adventurous and ambitious.”

  • Day tour to Shanghai Urban Museum

  • Class fieldtrip to old slaughter house built in 1933

  • Fieldtrip to Zhangjiajie Hunan

  • Tai Chi lesson

  • Students learning calligraphy

  • BU Alum guest lecture

As the largest and most cosmopolitan metropolis on mainland China, Shanghai takes its cue from the West as it has done for a century and a half, yet still retains the charm and traditions of its venerable past. It is indeed an incredible place to study and live for a semester.

Hosted at Fudan University, one of China’s leading universities, our programs give students the opportunity to experience the professional culture of China and apply their coursework in language and culture on a day-to-day basis. Depending on the program, housing is on or adjacent to the campus. Excursions include trips within China to the Hunan Province or to Taiwan.

Visit BU Abroad Shanghai for specific programs and more details.

Hong Kong

Few cities in the world can match the international thrill of Hong Kong. With its deep colonial history, vibrant economy, and “East-meets-West” culture, the territory offers students a truly global experience.

BU School of Hospitality Administration students study and live at Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), which is top-ranked among academic institutions in hospitality and tourism worldwide based on faculty research.

Visit BU Abroad Hong Kong for specific programs and more details.

In Japan


Kyoto, Japan

Formerly the imperial capital of Japan, Kyoto is one of the best preserved cities in the country, with beautiful temples and ancient palaces mingled with more than 30 academic institutions.

Here, Boston University students have the opportunity to participate in an academic year or semester of study at the Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies (KCJS). KCJS is sponsored by a consortium of 11 American universities and is administered in Japan by the Overseas Studies Program of Columbia University. Please note: fall-semester only or spring-semester only study is also an option.

Visit BU Abroad Kyoto for specific programs and more details.


Toyko, Japan

Tokyo is truly one of the world’s most incredible cities, a vast, wonderful metropolis that offers something for everyone…definitely worth putting on your study abroad short list. Boston University students have the opportunity to take classes through the Keio International Program or the Japanese Language Program. The International Program offers courses (taught in English) in Economics, Business, Politics, History, Literature and Area Studies. The Japanese Language Program is designed to improve a student’s speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. In addition, a course on Japanese Studies on Society and Culture is offered.

Visit BU Abroad Tokyo for specific programs and more details.

In Korea


Seoul International Airport, South Korea

One of the largest cities in the world, Seoul is the country’s center of administration, economic, business, culture, technology and education. Seoul is also rich with beautiful ancient palaces, pre-historic sites, and a modern vibe.

BU School of Management students have the opportunity to study at Seoul National University (SNU), in the College of Business Administration. Being located in one of the world’s top financial and commercial centers, the internship experience in Seoul is well suited for management students wishing to gain global business experience.

SNU is and has been the indisputable leader of advanced education in Korea since its establishment in 1946. SNU has earned this reputation by maintaining the highest standards in both teaching and research. Kwanak Campus, the main campus of SNU, accommodates four graduate schools, eleven colleges, sixty-six research institutes, and other supporting facilities. About 20,000 undergraduate students and 11,000 graduate students enroll at SNU every year, making the university comparable in size to BU. The SNU faculty, consisting of 1,800 professors and instructors from around the world, teaches students and conducts research at SNU.

Visit BU Abroad Seoul for specific programs and more details.

In Singapore


Singapore is a vibrant cosmopolitan city/state that has emerged as one of Asia’s economic powerhouses. Supporting a diverse and multi-lingual population of approximately 4.1 million, Singapore’s urban landscape of glass, steel, concrete, and highways displays a framework of strong western influences with a Chinese heart.

Boston University students have the opportunity to study for a semester or an academic year at the Nanyang Technological University, recognized as one of the fastest-rising universities in the world. BU students can choose from a variety of courses in the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (HASS). HASS is widely recognized as one of the best journalism and media schools in Asia and also provides high-quality opportunities for BU students interested in the humanities, art and design, social sciences, and more.

Boston University students also have the opportunity to study for a semester or an academic year at the National University of Singapore (NUS), one of Asia’s leading universities. Students participating in the National University of Singapore Exchange are able to select from a broad range of courses offered at NUS allowing students from a variety of majors at BU to attend. 

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