Persian (Farsi)

Persian (Farsi) courses (CAS LZ) are for students who seek to become proficient in the Persian/Farsi language and acquire a good grasp of Persian cultural trends. Our curriculum emphasizes the standard language of Iran, while providing some exposure to Dari and Tajik. In our teaching, we make extensive use of authentic materials (films, news footages, songs, poetry, short stories, essays, advertisements, magazines and newspapers, etc.).

In addition to the four-semester sequence of Persian/Farsi language courses that students can take to fulfill the CAS foreign language requirement, we offer a fifth-semester language course on a need basis, as well as Persian literature courses in English translation that can be taken toward the Muslim Studies minor or the major in Middle East & North Africa (MENA) Studies. Students of Persian/Farsi at Boston University have gone on to jobs in government, in nonprofits, and to graduate programs in Near Eastern Studies.

Successful completion of CAS LZ 212 fulfills the College of Arts & Sciences foreign language requirement.