Incomplete Coursework

University Policy

Metropolitan College Policy

No incomplete grades (I) shall be reported unless the instructor and the student have conferred, the student has presented a compelling reason why a course cannot be completed on schedule, and the instructor has assigned a date (within the time limit specified below) by which time the course requirements must be completed. A “Contract for an Incomplete Grade” must be completed and signed by both the student and the instructor and filed with Metropolitan College Academic Affairs no later than three weeks after the instructor has reported the incomplete on the grade sheet.

No credit for incomplete courses will be granted unless the work is completed by the date assigned, which must be no later than the last day of instruction of the following semester.

Students may not complete an incomplete course by sitting through the course, or a significant portion of the course, a second time unless they are willing to audit the course formally and pay appropriate auditing tuition charges.

In the event the coursework is not completed by the date assigned, the instructor will change the incomplete grade to the appropriate grade. All remaining incomplete grades will be automatically changed to (F) grades at the conclusion of the semester immediately following the semester for which the (I) grade was originally assigned.