Grades and Course Credits

University Policy on Grades and Course Credits

University Policy on Incomplete Coursework

University Policy on Pass/Fail Courses for Undergraduate Students

College of General Studies Policy

“W” Withdrawals

Withdrawals from courses after the University Registrar’s course Withdrawal without a “W” deadline will appear on the student’s record as a “W.” A “W” grade is not computed into the grade point average.

“I” Incomplete Coursework

Students may not continue into the junior year with incomplete grades in the CGS courses and, in some instances, their elective courses. Please see the University Policy on Incomplete Coursework for more details.

“P” Grades

College of General Studies students may not apply CGS courses taken Pass/Fail to complete the CGS program. The following CGS courses may not be taken Pass/Fail: CGS RH 103 and CGS RH 104. Students must consult with their CGS advisor and the University Policy on Pass/Fail Courses for Undergraduate Students for more details.

Making Up “F” or “W” Grades in a CGS Course

Students must make up “F” or “W” grades in CGS courses approved by the appropriate divisional chairman. All “F” grades are included in the computation of a student’s grade point index, even though appropriate make-up courses at Boston University are completed. The make-up courses average into the GPA—they do not substitute for or remove any failed courses.

In order for students to make up credits at a college outside the University, they must secure from the College advanced approval for the course in question. Students should make up four-credit Boston University courses with courses that are granted four credits by the other institution; three-credit courses may be accepted for completion of the CGS four-credit course requirement, but the student will owe one academic credit toward graduation from the University. To do so, the student must complete a transfer course approval form, available online and in CGS Student Services, Room 211, and submit it to the appropriate divisional chair.

The College will accept credit hours for approved courses completed with at least a “C” outside the University. However, grades earned outside of Boston University will not be computed in a student’s Boston University grade point average.

Reporting of Semester Grades

Semester grades are not to be released to students by professors. Students may learn their grades through the Student Link.