Adding or Dropping a Course

University Policy

College of General Studies Policy

The College of General Studies follows University policy for adding and dropping standard courses.

Important Considerations about Dropping Courses

  • When students withdraw from a course, they may be ineligible for the Dean’s List and Dean’s Circle for that term, and for CGS merit scholarships.
  • When students withdraw from a class, they must discuss with their CGS academic advisor how it affects their eligibility to continue into the junior year from CGS and graduation from BU.
  • CGS students who withdraw from a course may be required to make up the course before continuing into their junior year.
  • Dropping a course could affect the sequencing of courses: i.e., if the course is a prerequisite for another course or if the course is only offered once a year.
  • Dropping a course could affect eligibility for financial aid and/or housing.
  • Dropping a course could affect visa status for international students.
  • Dropped courses may be made up either by overloading or by attending summer school at Boston University or elsewhere. Courses taken outside of BU can satisfy requirements and add to a student’s units toward graduation (if approved), but they do not contribute to the BU GPA.