BA in Mathematics & Philosophy

Mathematics and philosophy have a deep connection, as evidenced by philosophy’s use of tools from mathematical logic and by the role of philosophy in the foundations of mathematics.  The joint major in Mathematics & Philosophy allows students to explore the rich connection between the two subjects. It is particularly appropriate for students interested in the foundations of mathematics and logic.



  • CAS MA 123 and MA 124, or equivalent (CAS MA 127 or MA 129 or advanced placement)
  • CAS MA 225 or MA 230
  • CAS MA 293
  • CAS PH 100 or PH 110

Principal Courses

At least six 4-credit courses in mathematics and six 4-credit courses in philosophy, all completed with a grade of C or higher are required.

Required Mathematics Courses

  • CAS MA 242 or MA 442
  • CAS MA 531 and MA 532
  • CAS MA 411 & 412, or CAS MA 511 & 512
  • Any one of the following: CAS MA 294 or MA 341; or any course numbered 400 or higher

Required Philosophy Courses

  • CAS PH 468
  • Three courses in philosophy above the 100 level
  • Any two of the following: CAS PH 422, PH 443, PH 460

Students in this major should have advisors in both the Mathematics & Statistics Department and the Philosophy Department.