Stephan Ellenwood

Associate Professor Emeritus

Economic Education Project – sponsored by The Financial Executives Institute of Boston. Teacher training and curriculum development – $75,000 over two years (1998-2000).

Sex Education Project – sponsored by the U.S. Department of Public Health. Development of classroom materials for 8th grade (in collaboration with the School of Communication) – $724,000 over 5 years (1987-1990).

Character Education Project – U.S. Department of Education. Development of classroom materials for junior high school students with Co-Director Kevin Ryan – $147,000 (1986-1987).

National School Resource Network – In-service training to reduce school violence, vandalism, and disruption – $200,000 (1979-1980).

Community-Based Economic Education – Department of Education, Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Materials development – $50,000 (1976-1977).

Committee Member – Advisory Committee, Center for Excellence in Teaching, 2000-2002.

Committee Member – Dean’s Search Committee, School of Education, 1980-1981, 1987.

Committee Member – Committee on Degrees and Programs, University Council, 1979-2000, 2002-present.

Committee Member – Admissions Committee, School of Education, 1977-present

Chairman – Student Life Committee, University Council 1977-1978.

Committee Member – International Education Committee, School of Education, 1974-1979.

Director – Division of Instructional Development and Administration, School of Education, 1979-1986.

Chairman – Social Education Department, School of Education, 1973-1979.

Overseas Assistant Professor – Boston University Graduate Program in Europe (Heidelberg, Germany and Naples, Italy), 1972-1973.

Committee Member – President’s Committee on Education, Unitarian-Universalist Association, 2000-2003

Chairman – Board of Trustees for Massachusetts Council on Economic Education

Coordinator Consultant, Mentor Justification – Association of American Colleges, NEH Grant for Humanities in the Schools, 1992.

Distinguished Juror – Elie Wiesel Prize for Essays in Ethics, 1989-present.

Chairman (advisor to Council Chairman, Elie Wiesel) – Chairman’s Advisory Committee on Education, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council, 1985-1987.

Consultant – EPCOT, Educational Division (Orlando, Florida), 1984-present.

Committee Member – National Planning Committee, National Council for the Social Studies (Washington, D.C.), 1976-1979.

National Faculty for Law-Focused Education, Law in American Society Foundation (Chicago, Illinois), 1973-1981.

Social Studies and Curriculum Consultant – Little, Brown and Company Publishers (Boston, Massachusetts).

Committee Member – National Research Advisory Committee, National Council for Social Studies (Washington, D.C.).

Consultant – Teacher College Press (New York).

Consultant – Division of Youth Services, Commonwealth of Massachusetts (Boston, Massachusetts).

Consultant – Education Division, Encyclopedia Britannica Films (Chicago, Illinois).

Consultant – Schools in Greater Boston – Dracut, North Andover, Beverly, Newton, and Lowell.

PhD, Northwestern University

MAT, Brown University

BA, Grinnell College

SED CT575  General Methods of Instruction, 5-12

SED CT760  Contemporary Thought on Curriculum and Teaching

SED ED500  Foundations of Educational Practices

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“Learning about Character through Literature.” International Education Foundation Conference. Moscow, Russia: July 30, 2000.

“Values and Character in Schools.” Plenary Session at 18th Annual Conference. Association for Teacher Education. Lisbon, Portugal: September 7, 1993.

“Character Education.” New England League of Middle Schools. Hyannis, Massachusetts: March 1992 and March 1993.

“Education Against Hatred.” Haifa University and Elie Wiesel Foundation Conference. Haifa, Israel: June 1-5, 1990.

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