Photo of Polina Zvereva

Polina Zvereva

Associate Deans’ Administrator

Polina Zvereva is the associate deans’ administrator at Boston University Wheelock College of Education & Human Development. In this role, she supports the associate dean of faculty affairs, the associate dean for research, and the associate dean for equity, diversity & inclusion. She works to prepare contracts for research staff, full-time faculty appointments, and part-time instructors. She also serves as the liaison with the provost’s office for faculty searches and coordinates all on-campus visits.

At BU Wheelock, Ms. Zvereva works with the associate dean of faculty affairs to prepare reappointment and promotion materials. She works with the associate dean for research to support all internal research awards, including all pre- and post-award processes, and coordinates visiting scholars’ appointments and visits. She also supports the associate dean of equity, diversity & inclusion to plan events.

In addition, Ms. Zvereva is a graduate student at Suffolk University Law School, where she is pursuing a master’s degree in law. Her research interests are concentrated in the field of philosophy of law, the rule of law, social philosophy, and legal anthropology. She also has a number of scientific publications.

Before joining BU Wheelock, Ms. Zvereva worked in various leadership positions at universities abroad. She was also a paralegal who specialized in the business and employment immigration fields. In addition to English, she speaks Russian and Polish.

Pronouns: she/her

PhD in Philosophy of Law, Tyumen Industrial University

Master of Laws, Tyumen State University

Master's in Linguistics, Tyumen State University