Karen Boatman

Clinical Associate Professor Emerita

Dr. Karen Boatman is a clinical associate professor emerita of educational leadership at Boston University Wheelock College of Education & Human Development. Dr. Boatman began at Boston University working as the evaluator of a federally funded program to train new types of inner city teachers for Boston. She co-authored a new doctoral program in teacher education and taught within it. She then developed a new doctoral level course in urban education, which stressed developing programs to remedy problems. Dr. Boatman also developed a new department, presented a new doctoral program for it at an ASCD conference, and taught doctoral courses within it. Her focus was on the politics of and strategies for curriculum implementation.

Dr. Boatman developed several courses and programs, including an alternative curriculum and methods course for undergraduate teacher education using both community agencies and schools for fieldwork, as well as an office for intercultural education, which included training undergraduates for the review of reading materials for schools especially for racial and gender inclusion. She also served as the first chair of the Academic Instruction Committee, which had responsibility for approving all academic courses and requirements and mediating disputes.