Galina Dobrynina

Clinical Associate Professor (Retired)

The initials GD

Dr. Galina Dobrynina is a clinical associate professor (retired) at BU Wheelock College of Education & Human Development. She teaches a variety of mathematics courses and her main interest is in developing innovative programs of teaching mathematics to future teachers.

Dobrynina is well known for her talks at numerous national and international conferences. She has conducted professional workshops and mathematics content summer institutes for in-service and pre-service teachers. She was a founding board member of Massachusetts Mathematics Association of Teacher Educators (MassMATE). During sabbatical leave in 2008-2009, she investigated how operations with rational numbers were taught in mathematics curricula in Singapore, Russia, Israel, and the US. She presented research findings at the ATMIM conference in 2011.

She conducted her dissertation research with fourth, fifth, and sixth graders and investigated algebraic reasoning processes of students who solved two- and three-variable problems. The results of her scholarly work were published in Psychology of Mathematics education (PME) Conference Proceedings (2001, 2002, and 2005). She is a co-author of “Mathematics: Developing Curious Students” in Inquiry Across Curriculum (Corwin Press, 2005).



EdD, Mathematics Education, Boston University

MAT, Mathematics and English, Moscow Pedagogical University

-Exploring mathematics content knowledge needed for pre-service and in-service teachers
-Presenting at the International Congress of Mathematics Education (ICME) conferences (2004, 2008, 2012 in preparation)
-Investigating ways of teaching mathematics in different countries
-Designing on-line mathematics courses for graduate students (STEM project)

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Integrating Inquiry Across Curriculums

Algebraic Reasoning of Young Students and Preservice Elementary Teachers

Learning Logs: A Classroom Practice for Enhancing Scientific Sense Making

Authentic Assessment Model for Instructional Practices. Sault Lake City, UT, NCSM, April 2008

Impact of Three-semester Sequence of Mathematical Content Courses on Knowledge of Pre-service Teachers. Monterrey, Mexico, ICME 11, July 2008

Geometric and Algebraic Reasoning through Pattern Generalization. Indianapolis, IN, NCTM annual meeting, April 2011

Operations with fractions in mathematics curricula in Singapore, Russia and the US. Marlborough, MA, ATMIM, March 2011

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