Emily Glenn-Smith


Emily Glenn-Smith

Emily Glenn-Smith is a seasoned instructor and presenter with nearly two decades as an educator in the field of American Sign Language. Her ambition is that students will learn to appreciate and respect ASL as an organic, distinctive and wholly naturally occurring language, and recognize Deaf people as a community with their own set of cultural traditions and values. Recognizing the complex and multi-dimensional skill set required to acquire this level of learning, and that not all students learn the same things in the same way, Ms. Glenn-Smith’s approach to teaching is an eclectic one that celebrates diversity of both thought and student.​​ She teaches with the aim to ignite a greater overall blaze of Deaf culture and community-centered appreciation and, in the wake of that illumination and understanding, one student at a time, lessen linguistic and cultural barriers facing our worlds.

Prior to teaching at both Boston University and Harvard University, Ms. Glenn-Smith was the ASL program director for 15 years at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Her experience spans from teaching introductory ASL to a variety of advanced ASL level courses and workshops in the field of ASL interpreting. In addition to teaching ASL, she has developed various curricula to suit the needs of specialized programs.

Ms. Glenn-Smith holds an MA in Sign Language Education from Gallaudet University. She is also nationally certified by the American Sign Language Teachers Association.

MA, Sign Language Education Academic Achievement Award, Gallaudet University

BS, American Sign Language/Deaf Studies, Empire State College, State University at New York, Buffalo

American Sign Language Teacher Association (ASLTA), Certified

DE 381, DE 384, and DE350

Teaching Diversity - A Deaf Experience – University at Buffalo Intercultural and Diversity Center

The Art of ASL Slang- State University of New York at Buffalo, ASL: A Living Language Conference o

Deaf in Prison- National Deaf People of Color, Gallaudet University

Ethics in the Field of Interpretation- Deaf Access Services Interpreter Training Program

Ethical Applications in Sign Language Interpreting, Deaf Panel member, National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID)

ASL Literature - St. Mary’s School for the Deaf

Variation in ASL - Deaf Access Services, Interpreter Training Program

Semantics in American Sign Language - Deaf Access Services, Inc. Interpreting Training Program

ASL Comedy - University at Buffalo, ASL Immersion Weekend

Teaching ASL in the Community - ASL Teacher Training, Community Education

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