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MyBU, your updated entry point to the Student Link, is now live!

MyBU: updated entry point to the Student Link is now live for currently enrolled students for Spring 2023 

On March 6, the initial phase of the MyBU Student Portal went live. The portal is an updated entry point connecting enrolled students to Student Link with a modern interface and improved navigation. (The Student Link itself will be fully updated in 2024.)  The traditional student link landing page ( will now point to  If you are currently enrolled for Spring 2023, you should be able to access MyBU and your favorite Student Link functions seamlessly.  For students not enrolled in Spring 2023, access to the MyBU Student Portal will be opened up as registration for Fall 2023 occurs. 

If you are currently on an approved leave of absence for Spring 2023, you can still use your regular Student Link functions to view your transcript preview, account inquiry, compliance, address, registration, and other functions; simply use the direct links listed below:      

Student Link Personal tab 
personal profile details, address/phone, consent to disclosure, Sharelink, compliance, proof of enrollment 

Student Link Academics tab 
current schedule, registration, classes, grades, transcript preview, transcript ordering  

Student Link Work tab 
quick jobs, work study jobs, part-time jobs, time entry for students  

Student Link Money Matters tab  
student account inquiry, SHIP, financial aid list, loan deferment notices, sports pass, 1098T 

Student Link Food and Shelter tab  
convenience points, meals/points balance 

scannable QR code linking to more inforamtion about the MyBU student Portal entry point


College Mental Health Education Programs

Our friends at BU's Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation College Mental Health Education Programs have another wonderful slate of offerings for the Fall 2022 semester.  Programs are  open to young adults interested in building academic, personal and social skills, and supports and well-being.  Some programs are open to family members/caregivers as well.  Scan the QR code in the image below or contact the co-directors listed.

For more information, visit

listing of Fall 2022 programs in decorative format

Student Health Services announces vaccination opportunities for currently enrolled students

A limited number of vaccines (Moderna) are being made available to BU.  Today, Student Health Services reached out to eligible students with instructions on making appointments.  See the recent BU Today article for more details, and students should check their BU email accounts for the communications from Student Health Services.  Appointments are expected to fill quickly, don't delay!

Taking, or considering, a Spring 2021 leave of absence?

To assist students during the busy month of December, please find below information that will you useful for those who definitely need to arrange a Spring 2021 leave of absence, as well as for those who are considering this option.

Important Update for Continuing Students regarding 2020-21 Academic Year Residence License Agreements (from BU Housing)

(taken from

"Important Update for Continuing Students regarding 2020-21 Academic Year Residence License Agreements: We understand that the pandemic and the spring 2021 semester’s Learn From Anywhere (LfA) hybrid model may have impacted your spring campus housing plans. Students who believe that they have extenuating circumstances may submit a request to BU Housing to cancel the spring 2021 portion of their Residence License Agreement (RLA) by 5:00 pm on Thursday, December 10, 2020..."

For more information about the request process, review/response and associated conditions, see the full announcement at the BU Housing website,

If you are considering, or need assistance arranging, a Spring 2021 leave of absence or withdrawal please refer to the information here.  

Spring 2021 Estimated Billing

In mid-November 2020, estimated bills for full-time undergraduate students who are eligible to register for the Spring 2021 semester will be available on the Student Link. The estimated bills will be based on standard tuition and fee charges, and will be available prior to registration.  This allows you a little more time to plan for making Spring 2021 payments by the December 21st deadline.

Once you register for Spring 2021 semester,  the estimated tuition and fee charges will be replaced by actual tuition and fee charges. In most cases, the actual tuition and fee charges will be the same as the estimated charges. In a few cases, for example if you are registering for more than 18 credit hours or making a change in in your full-time enrollment status, you will find your actual tuition and fee charges differ from the estimated amounts.

Financial aid recipients: Students with financial aid and loans will see the anticipated amounts displayed on their bill as actual or pending items.

On-Campus residents: Students who are residing in University housing will see their actual room and dining charges on their bill.

For more information and to view some frequently asked questions, please visit

Announcement: Study Space App Available

To: Charles River Campus undergraduate and graduate students
From: Kenneth Elmore, Associate Provost and Dean of Students
Suzanne Kennedy, Associate Provost ad interim for Undergraduate Affairs
Daniel Kleinman, Associate Provost for Graduate Affairs
Christine Paal, Assistant Vice President and University Registrar

We are pleased to announce that starting today a new app – the BU Student Use Space App – will be available to Charles River Campus undergraduate and graduate students to reserve space on campus for studying, attending remote class sessions, or other campus use needs.  The app may be accessed by QR code or at  It allows users to book up to 600 minutes of space a week up to a week in advance. We know that some students have found it challenging to locate spaces on campus where they can safely study, meet, or attend remote classes, and we hope that this app makes on-campus life a bit easier during this unusual time.

The app, originally developed for use on the BU Medical Campus, has been updated to include rooms and guidelines specific to the Charles River Campus.  The app requires a BU Kerberos log in. It will allow users to search for available spaces, book rooms, and join wait lists for desired spaces. Students will get reminders of the spaces that they have booked so that they can effectively plan their days and weeks and cancel reserved spaces if they are no longer needed.  All users are required to be up to date with attestation and COVID testing requirements, and must follow all other BU COVID protocols, such as wearing masks or face coverings at all times and observing social distancing guidelines. These rules and a QR code for booking will be posted outside each study space.

There are currently 62 rooms across the campus available on the app, and over 1,100 time slots available each week. The rooms range in size and hold an average of three students.  More than half are single-occupancy rooms. As we get a better sense for student demand, additional rooms will be added to the app.

The Student Use Space app is one solution of several that focus on developing or repurposing space to enhance the student experience.  We are working to develop and publicize a list of open study spaces that will be available on a first come, first served basis.  We are also actively developing plans for appropriate four-season outdoor social use space.

We hope that these efforts are helpful in enhancing the on-campus student experience this fall.

Want to read more?  Check out the BU Today article linked here.

Need assistance with a Fall 2020 Leave of Absence or Withdrawal?

Life happens and emergencies crop up, regardless of University schedules.  If you are an undergraduate student needing assistance with a last minute leave of absence or withdrawal for Fall 2020, we are here to help.  Our volume is very high the entire month of August, so we've designed a process to meet you where you are, with minimal delay.

1.) Please email and carefully follow the outlined steps in our auto-reply message:

  • read the suggested web materials (these vary depending on the time of year) and jot down any questions or concerns
  • fill out three online forms using the links provided in the message
  • schedule an appointment to discuss your situation and review your paperwork with an associate director at the USC
  • If you are an international student, student athlete, or participating in a special program (five year bachelor's/master's, accelerated medical program, and others), be sure to also check in with your respective advisors, coaches, or program directors regarding your change in plans.

2.) At your appointment with the USC staff, we'll discuss your situation, answer those questions you jotted down, and if appropriate, we'll update your records.  Our goal is to make your exit as smooth as possible, and your return-from-leave process even smoother.

We are hosting leave of absence counseling appointments seven days a week for the month of August.  Please use the links in the auto-reply message to schedule an appointment.  After speaking with us, you may realize you don't need to arrange a leave of absence or withdrawal after all, but the sooner you are able to complete the steps above, so we can have a thoughtful conversation, the more easily you'll be able to move on with your next steps for fall.

Remember, the tuition refund schedule applies; our goal is to help you complete your steps by August 25 to ensure the full cancellation of tuition and fees prior to the start of classes in September.