Move in and move out

Moving in

When you arrive on campus, check in at the residence office for your assigned residence.

You will be given, and asked to sign for, the keys to your residence. You will also be asked to complete a hall registration card and to provide emergency contact information.

Students must be registered and have settled their University student accounts before they will be issued residence keys.

If you plan to arrive after the first day of classes, you must notify BU Housing.

If you plan to ship personal belongings (or your family plans to send you packages), mail or ship these items to arrive on or after the day you are scheduled to move in. You should travel to campus with the essential items you will need during your first few days on campus.

Read about furnishings, mail rooms, telephones, and more in Safety & Services. If you need a packing checklist, please review our What to Bring webpage for suggestions.

Upon check-in, you will be asked to complete a room condition report in order to assess the condition of your room assignment.  Students should indicate any problems with the room or apartment and return it to your resident assistant by the designated date. Together, the student and the resident assistant will check for accuracy and both will sign the form indicating agreement with the documented condition of the room.  You must complete this process at your new residence any time you change on-campus residences during the year. The room condition report is the primary reference used when billing students for damages. To be valid, it must be signed by your resident assistant.

Moving out

You are responsible for turning in your keys to your residence office whenever you move out of a residence, or if you move from one residence to another during the year.

If you move out of your residence at any time during the year, for example, to change rooms or to withdraw, it is your responsibility to obtain a Check-out Room Condition Report. You must complete this report with your resident assistant and submit the completed form to your residence office. (Room condition reports are not completed during the end-of-the-academic-year move-out process.)

Please remove all of your belongings, and leave the room or apartment in a clean and habitable condition. All furniture that was in your room when you moved in is expected to be there and arranged as you found it. If you fail to properly check out and turn in your keys, you may be charged additional residence, dining plan, and lock/key fees.

When moving, always remember to complete a mail forwarding change-of-address card so that your mail can be forwarded. Complete a change-of-address card at the residence mail room where you receive your mail, or through the Kenmore Station Post Office at 11 Deerfield Street, if you receive mail via street delivery.