Tuition cancellation schedule for 1st year CGS Summer London and New England programs, Summer 2024

CGS 1st year Summer Semester 2024 Leave of Absence

Important Dates and Tuition Cancellation Schedule

Program: Summer 1
London *
Summer 1
New England
Summer 2
London *
All students who arrange a leave of absence for medical reasons must complete the medical review process prior to re-enrolling / resuming study at BU.
Suggested LOA completion date May 1 May 1 June 1
LOA with full tuition cancellation By May 13 By May 13 By June 24
LOA with 75% tuition cancellation May 14-20 May 14-20 June 25-July 1
LOA with 50% tuition cancellation May 21-27 May 21-27 July 2-8
LOA with 25% tuition cancellation May 28-June 10 May 28-June 10 July 9-22
LOA with 0% tuition cancellation June 11-21 June 11-21 July 23-August 2
Last day to LOA June 21 June 21 August 2
* CGS Summer 2024 London: Please keep in mind that at any time after your admission to the program there may be non-recoverable costs associated with withdrawing from the program. Examples of non-recoverable costs for which you may be financially responsible may include, but are not limited to, charges related to housing, flights, academics, internships, or program-related activities.

CGS London students arranging a leave of absence on or after May 13 (for Summer 1) and on or after June 24 (for Summer 2) may have additional steps or paperwork to complete with the London Study Abroad staff, in addition to steps completed with the USC.

For information on the leave of absence process, visit “Submitting an official leave of absence or withdrawal request.”