Medical Review

All students (graduate and undergraduate) should complete the following steps for medical review:

  • Submit your completed medical review paperwork to Student Health Services (SHS).  Please review the instructions, then complete and return the three pdfs listed below.  Undergraduate students may find it helpful to meet with an academic advisor and a staff member at the University Service Center to discuss return plans before completing and submitting the “Student Report”.
  • Call the Student Health Services Care Coordinator (617-353-3569) to confirm receipt of these forms. The Care Coordinator will notify you if additional information / a follow up appointment is necessary.
  • Submit any additional information as requested and complete any needed appointments promptly. It is your responsibility to confirm with the Care Coordinator that all your materials are complete.

Once your paperwork and any required appointments are complete, SHS will forward your return request to the University’s Return from Medical Leave Review Committee. This committee meets monthly to review completed return requests and responds as follows:

  • Graduate students: Committee decisions will be conveyed by your academic area.  Please direct any questions about your return process there.
  • Undergraduate students:  Review Committee decisions are conveyed in writing by the Dean of Students. If the committee approves your request to re-enroll, the University Service Center (USC) will email you to confirm your ability to use the web to register for classes, by the end of the review month.  In the meantime, be sure to examine the USC’s return arrangements checklists.  Some return steps can be arranged independently of the medical review process (obtaining your advising code/AAC, arranging housing or academic accommodations), while other return steps (registration, arranging visa/travel paperwork) can only be initiated after completion of medical review. Please refer to the chart below for suggested timelines for completion of medical review, based on your desired return date.

Medical Review Process: Important Dates for Spring 2019, Summer 2019, Fall 2019, and Spring 2020 planned returns:

Provided your paperwork and all required appointments are complete by the deadline listed below, your request will be forwarded for committee review. The Dean of Students will issue the committee’s response within four weeks of the deadline.
Monthly deadlines Spring 2019 Sum1 2019 Sum2 2019 Fall 2019 Spring 2020 Sum1 2020
8/1/2018 x
9/3/2018 x
10/1/2018 x
11/1/2018 x* x

(for Dec.)

x x
1/3/2019 x x x
2/1/2019 x x x
3/1/2019 x x x
4/1/2019 x x x
5/1/2019 x x
6/3/2019 x
7/1/2019 x
8/1/2019 x

Important contact numbers

University Service Center 617-358-1818
Student Health Services Care Coordinator 617-353-3569