Protect your Data and Devices

  • Endpoint protection software is provided.
  • Remember that you should never leave your laptop or device unattended in a public area or in an unlocked residence.
  • Back up your important files! Use Google Drive, save to an external/thumb drive, or even just email important documents to yourself. Make sure you do whatever is needed to ensure that you always have multiple copies of your work.

Computer Security

You are required to install effective anti-virus software in order to connect to the Boston University campus network. If you don't keep your Windows computer patched and running current anti-virus and anti-spyware software, it will become infected.

File Storage and Back-up

Students who create (or upload and convert) files to their BU Google Drive space have a 15 gigabyte storage capacity. Beyond that, people do a variety of things, ranging from external drive use to use of other cloud services. In addition, those who have logged into a thin client machine in the BU Common @ Mugar have 250 MB of storage that they can access remotely through MyFiles.