Welcome New Faculty!

Research Computing Services (RCS) manages advanced computing resources and services and enables you to maximize productivity in your research and teaching activities. Our team provides you with individualized support and training for your use of computing resources leveraging our experience in domain-specific areas of science and technology. We currently support 3000 researchers in 80 BU departments and centers at BU.

Whether you are an experienced user on large computing systems, are just now outgrowing your laptop, or are teaching a course using advanced computing, we can assist you getting started on BU’s computing facilities.

We look forward to meeting with you and helping you get the most out of your research computing experience at BU.


To help achieve your research goals we meet with you, discuss your research process, and optimize and scale your workflow through the use of programming, data management, and visualization. To ask a question or request a meeting via Zoom, please send email to help@scc.bu.edu.


We offer an extensive Tutorial Series covering the concepts, techniques, and tools commonly used in programming, data analysis, and high-performance computing. Additionally, we can customize tutorials for you, your research group, and academic courses.

Computing Facilities

In order to scale your workloads, BU offers the Shared Computing Cluster (SCC).  The SCC is a large Linux cluster with 19,000 CPU cores and high-performance storage. The cluster provides GPUs and large memory options as well as 700 discipline-specific software packages and an easy to use web-based interface. Access to the SCC’s shared computing resources and some storage are available to you at no cost.

Buy-in Program

For those of you who may have funding for computing and/or storage resources,  you can purchase dedicated computing and storage hardware through the popular University-subsidized SCC Buy-in Program. Hardware acquired through this program is integrated into and augments the SCC.

Accounts and Resource Management

All accounts on the SCC are organized in Projects. Faculty may have multiple projects to organize their research and teaching activites.  Faculty manage their project membership and resource allocations through the Web-based Accounts Management system. Create an SCC Research Project.

Ask Questions and/or Speak with an RCS Team Member

For more information on Research Computing Services, please visit rcs.bu.edu. If you have questions or would like to meet with a member of our team, please send email to help@scc.bu.edu.