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Available to: Departments, IT Professionals

Cost: License fees are based on the number and type of clients accessing the file system. Please contact Information Security to discuss licensing fees.

This service provides a suite of tools for monitoring and managing permissions, classifying data, and auditing access to data on file servers.


This service increases visibility of the types of data being stored on central file servers, provides file access audit records, and provides an advanced method for modeling and applying access controls to files and folders.

Key Features

The solution has three primary functions that work together to deliver a variety of helpful capabilities:

  • It walks through a server to determine the file access permissions throughout and then maps various group names to the specific people in each group so that a report can be generated to list the names of everyone who has access to a given folder or file.
  • It records all file accesses in real time and facilitates detailed access reports.
  • It can scan through a file system looking for predefined patterns of data. This allows for the discovery of sensitive date, social security numbers for example, so that the organization can make more informed choices as to where such data will be stored.

This service allows you to:

  • Manage permissions for CIFS and NFS based network shares and the underlying file system
  • Track access (read/write) to all files on the monitored file system
  • Identify sensitive information (e.g., Social Security numbers or credit card numbers) within files on a monitored file system
  • Produce a variety of reports

What to Expect

This service normally will be available 24 by 7 except for standard change windows, as described in IS&T’s standard policies, procedures, and schedules for making changes


  • A supported infrastructure, typically a CIFS or NFS based system
  • A Windows workstation, onto which the console is installed
  • An Active Directory security group, which will be created for your use

Getting Started