Overview Digital forensics involves the examination of electronic devices such as computers after a security incident has occurred, to determine exactly what occurred and how it could be prevented in the future. We offer digital forensic services for University-owned systems after a documented security incident, and such an examination is required when the device contains confidential data that we have a legal or contractual obligation to protect.
Available To Faculty, Researchers, Staff, Departments
Benefits The results of the investigation will provide a more clear understanding of how the incident occurred and what steps can be taken to prevent future occurrences.
Key Features
  • Helps identify the primary causes of an incident
  • Helps administrators better protect their resources
  • May identify other vulnerable or compromised systems
Requirements To conduct the examination, we require administrator-level access to any University-owned computer system involved in a computer security incident.
Cost No charge
Getting Started Request a host inspection

Learn the correct steps for responding to a security incident.