A static IP address is a permanent network address for a computing system. With a static IP address, you can register a unique hostname which may be required for certain applications, such as backup services. A unique hostname also allows you to use that system to provide computing services to others. In contrast to automatically assigned dynamic (DHCP) IP addresses, static IP addresses must be requested.

With a static IP address:

  • Access restricted services and provide services to othes from your system.
  • Assignment of static IP addresses
  • Assignment of hostnames
  • Automatic updates to Domain Name Services (DNS) functions such as MX records


Requests for assignment of a static IP address must be made by a faculty or staff member and are reviewed based on need. Requests require the following information:

  • A brief description of the services or content being accessed or provided
  • The physical location of the system
  • The principal technical and administrative contact

Static IP addresses are issued only to faculty or staff of the University.

Getting Started

We encourage members of the community to use DHCP instead of static IP addresses whenever possible. If a system accessing or providing services requires a static IP address, then submit a request or send email to hostmaster@bu.edu.

The main Domain Name Services (DNS) page also has more information.