Quick Start

Available to: Faculty, Researchers, Staff, Departments

Cost: There is no charge for Domain Name Services, including access to its DNS servers, updates to DNS records, assignment of static IP addresses, and the management and renewal of domains.

Domain Name Service (DNS) allows online resources to be accessed via commonly used names, such as www.bu.edu. Most computers on campus, including those using DHCP, are automatically configured to use the campus DNS and are provided names. Clients running servers or providing online services may request a specific hostname for their system along with a static address. The University also manages the registration, setup, and renewal process for domains outside of bu.edu, such as those ending with .com and .org.


DNS simplifies the use of many services across the Internet by allowing people to use common names and proper nouns to access network-based services. Work with IS&T to manage your domains outside of the bu.edu namespace, so you don't have to worry about the technical and administrative issues--we'll take care of those for you.

Key Features

  • Assignment of static IP addresses
  • Assignment of hostnames
  • Automatic updates to DNS functions such as MX records
  • Management of domains (e.g., agganisarena.com), including renewals

What to Expect

This service normally will be available 24 by 7 except for standard change windows, as described in IS&T’s standard policies, procedures, and schedules for making changes.


Hostnames and static IP addresses are issued only to faculty or staff members of the University. We encourage members of the community to use DHCP instead of static IP addresses. If a system provides services or content and requires a static IP address, you must provide the following information when you submit your request:

  • A brief description of the services or content being provided
  • The physical location of the system
  • The principle technical and administrative contact

Getting Started

To request a static IP address, submit changes to hostnames or other DNS entries, get help registering or transferring a domain to the University, or for questions regarding DNS or IP addresses, contact us or send email to hostmaster@bu.edu.