Boston University’s adopted policy is for all MFDs (multi-function devices) to be purchased. This policy seeks to ensure Boston University acquires MFDs in the most cost effective, flexible and reliable way available, by assessing print and copy needs and minimizing the University‚Äôs environmental impact.

Details of this policy, as well as a listing of standard Ricoh models to select from, are available through Sourcing & Procurement.

How to engage support and consultation

  • Ricoh will provide consultation to unit business officers based on MFD standards established by BU. To assist in this consultation we encourage the business office to complete the MFD Acquisition Form.
  • IS&T supported business officers are strongly encouraged to consult with IS&T Client Technology Services for support when selecting a device. To engage IS&T Desktop Services support, please email
  • Non-IS&T supported groups are strongly encouraged consult with your local IT support. For contact information, please use this directory of Other (Non-IS&T) Technical Support Resources
  • If a business unit wishes to purchase a non-standard device, or a device that is not recommended by Rioch through consultation, approval must be obtained from the Vice President of Information Services & Technology. The business justification and approval can be facilitated using the MFD Acquisition Form.
  • If you are experiencing technical issues with your Ricoh MFD, or need to order supplies (e.g. toner), please create a profile using your device’s Equipment ID number at You can also call the phone number shown on your device’s Equipment ID tag for additional assistance.