To immediately forward all your incoming calls to another number:

From the portal:

  1. Login to the Cisco Self Care Portal at: if you are not on campus you will first need to connect to the BU VPN.
  2. Enter BU username/Kerberos password (do not include
  3. Choose “Call Forwarding” from the left sidebar
  4. Select the checkbox next to “Forward all calls to:” and choose “Add a new number” from the dropdown menu
  5. Add your phone number, in the format of 1 + 10-digit phone number
  6. Click Save

It is recommended that you test call forwarding by placing a call to your BU phone number from another phone.

From your desk phone:

  1. While on-hook, press the Fwd All softkey.
  2. Dial any of the following:
    • A BU 5-digit extension number
    • An external phone number in the format of 1 + 10-digit phone number
    • Press the Messages button to direct to voicemail

To deactivate call forwarding, Press the Fwd Off softkey.