Faculty and staff can request that IS&T create an Exchange mailing list for departmental use. There are a few advantages to this kind of list. First, they allow you to send to more than 500 people (as long as you send just to the single provided address without expanding it to display the individual addresses that it contains). Second, this kind of list is stored centrally in BU’s Global Address List (rather than only through your mail client) so it can be used by anyone who has been set up to write to it.

Create a List

  1. Request that IS&T create an Exchange mailing list for the suggested address, (e.g. dept-staff@bu.edu or dept-clients@bu.edu). If you already know of an AD group with a similar name that’s in use by your department, you can simply ask for it to be “mail-enabled” and then you will be all set and will only have to maintain one list.
  2. You will receive a reply to your request once the list is set up