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Available to: Students, Faculty, Staff, Departments

Cost: No charge

IS&T offers two options for managing centrally stored mailing lists. Faculty, staff, students, and departments can manage mailing lists through a centrally hosted application called Majordomo. IS&T also utilizes Majordomo to manage criteria-based lists, such as the automatically generated course lists.


In contrast to personal lists, centrally stored mailing lists are backed up and can contain thousands of recipients. A single list can be used by many people, reducing the need to maintain multiple private lists and improving accuracy. Majordomo offers additional list management options, described below, that can save considerable time.

Key Features

Majordomo lists

  • General mailing lists
    Faculty, staff, and students can create general mailing lists. As list manager, you can populate list recipients yourself or allow people to subscribe and unsubscribe themselves. Many options are available, e.g., you can restrict who can send to the list or specify that only mailings you approve are sent to the list.
  • Course lists (faculty only)
    Course lists are automatically created (and updated with current registration data throughout the semester) for every course offered at the University. Only faculty have access to activate and administer a course list.
  • Administrative lists (faculty and staff only)
    Faculty and staff can create administrative lists based on criteria such as college, department, or major. The email addresses in this list are populated by IS&T, based on criteria that you (the list creator) supply. Creation and use of criteria-based lists are subject to appropriate controls.

Microsoft Exchange-based lists

  • No recipient limits
    These central lists allow you to exceed the 250 recipient limit of personal lists in Outlook.
  • Stored centrally
    The list is stored centrally rather than in your mail client, so it can be used by anyone. By default, it appears in BU’s Global Address List (the GAL) and in the online directory, but there are also options to control who can send to the list.

What to Expect

This service normally will be available 24 by 7 except for standard change windows, as described in IS&T’s standard policies, procedures, and schedules for making changes.


You must have a BU login name and Kerberos password to access the Majordomo list creation forms. Managing Exchange-based mailing lists requires using the Microsoft Outlook client for Windows or Outlook Web Access (OWA).

Getting Started