Acquiring Approvals

Approvals are required for all broadcast messages and copies of written approval must be sent to prior to submitting a broadcast message for scheduling.

For any approval request, please allow at least one business day to acquire your approvals, not including the two business days required for processing a broadcast message. Your request for approval should include a copy of the final message, and information about the sending requirements (who it will be sent to and when). Please CC on all approval requests so the broadcast email team will receive a copy when the approver replies-all.

If you are authorized to send the message to the target population, that’s fine and you will simply be asked to state that in a message. However, if a higher level of authorization is required (e.g. your Director or Department Chair) you’ll want to supply that. It might be helpful to refer to the Target Constituencies page for information on wider target populations and those required approval sources, although these authorization requirements may not apply to your situation.