IS&T negotiates licenses for several statistical programs used throughout the University. The license requirements and methods for obtaining media are specific to each product.

By negotiating site licenses for JMP, SAS and SPSS we ensure that the University receives the best possible price and terms. Providing access to the latest versions helps avoid the need to accommodate compatibility issues.


  • JMP, a product of the SAS Institute, performs simple and complex statistical analysis. It offers features similar to SPSS but JMP is available on more platforms and costs less. JMP is available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions, for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.
  • JMP dynamically links statistics with graphics to interactively explore, understand, and visualize data. JMP also provides a comprehensive set of statistical tools as well as design of experiments and statistical quality control in a single package. It can work with a variety of data formats, such as text files, Microsoft Excel files, SAS data sets and ODBC-compliant databases.
  • Statistical Analysis System (SAS) is a very popular statistical package that can be used for data management, report writing, statistical analysis, and graphics. Among its statistical capabilities are descriptive statistics, cross- tabulation, regression, analysis of variance, survival analysis, multivariate techniques, econometric and time series procedures, and operations research techniques.
  • SPSS is the current name for the complete portfolio of SPSS Predictive Analytics products.


  • Boston University's site-license for JMP covers all qualified faculty and students for teaching and academic research. Individual departments and schools may also acquire JMP for their classrooms and lab machines.
  • See the SPSS page for detailed requirements regarding SPSS (BU login required).
  • See the SAS page for detailed information about SAS.

See the SPSS page for information about any costs associated with SPSS (BU login required). See the SAS page for information in regard to SAS.

Getting Started

  • Visit the JMP page for more information, documentation, and downloads (students and faculty, BU login required).
  • Visit the SPSS page for more information (BU login required).
  • Visit the SAS page for more information.