BU Linux 6 (Neo) is a refresh of the BU Linux distribution that more closely aligns with RedHat Enterprise Linux 6.x / CentOS Linux 6.x. In previous releases of BU Linux we had rebuilt, repackaged, and in some cases made customizations to software as distributed by CentOS. This work was often time-intensive and also resulted in some package versions drifting from what was available in the standard CentOS distribution.

BU Linux 6 is constructed by taking the standard CentOS 6 and layering on configurations for DNS, Kerberos, NTP, Global UID, and other software that is specific to Boston University’s environment. We believe that this change in construction will make BU Linux closely match CentOS and RedHat Enterprise Linux, and will also allow IS&T to be more responsive when providing ongoing updates to software packages and Linux version upgrades.