Some IS&T tutorials can be popular and will fill quickly. It’s good to understand how the registration process works, in case you ever find that you can’t get into a class you particularly want to take.

How the registration process works:

Any course marked REGISTER is a course you can register for immediately. Any course marked with REQUEST REMINDER is not yet open for registration, but will be – generally one week before the class is scheduled to take place (unless otherwise specified). When you submit your name to REQUEST REMINDER, you are simply expressing an interest in the class and asking to be on a reminder mailing list for when it opens for registration. The fact that you are on a list to receive a reminder does not guarantee that you have a seat in the class.

Once you are on the reminder list, you will get an email message when the class opens for registration. This email reminder provides you with a direct link with which to process the registration by clicking on CONFIRM. Registration then occurs on a first come, first served basis until the class is FULL. If you see SECTION FULL when you try to register, you are not in the class and should come as a walk-in, or investigate some of the other alternatives outlined below.

Frequently asked questions:

The class was already full when I tried to register!
As described above, the reminder you received is simply a courtesy, meant to refresh your memory. You will still be competing for a seat with anyone else who has requested an email reminder for that class, which can sometimes be many people. You are encouraged to act on that message as soon as you get it but, even then, that might not be soon enough.

Can I get on a waitlist?
The “reminder list” also serves as a waitlist for the class and walk-ins who are on the waitlist will be given priority.

But I’m sure I got a confirmation and was registered!
When you signed up to get on the reminder list, you would have received the notice below:

Dear [firstname],

This message indicates that you have asked to be notified when:

[section_date] from [section_starttime] to [section_endtime]

is open for registration. **This email is NOT a confirmation that you have been registered.** On [date] you will receive a follow-up email notification with which you can then register to reserve a seat.

Didn’t get in?:

  1. Please stop by at class time. We almost always have no-shows and make every effort to fill those empty seats with walk-ins.
  2. Be assured that we do keep an eye on our reminder lists. If we see that interest in a class might require us to add an extra session in that same day/time slot, we will do so.
  3. Find alternatives through on-line training.