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Available to: Students, Faculty, Researchers, Staff, Departments, Alumni, Prospective Students, New/Incoming Students, Guests, IT Professionals

Cost: No charge

The BU Information Security Department coordinates information security awareness activities and offers information security training.  Awareness activities help people understand why security is important and provides information on simple things they can do to help themselves and Boston University. Training provides more detailed information on a variety of security subjects, often including step-by-step instructions on what to do when faced with various security decisions or guidance on how to configure a device or account for proper security.


Security awareness increases the security of personal and institutional information by increasing everyone’s understanding of why security is important and why they should care, inspiring them to invest the time and effort to educate themselves, get training, and take appropriate steps to better secure their devices, systems, networks, and digital information.

Proper security of a device or account and proper understanding of what to do when faced with a security decision help to ensure the security of your devices and information. Security training helps you know what to do when configuring a device or when faced with other security decisions, e.g., clicking on a link in an email message.

Key Features

  • Training and reference materials
  • News feeds and alerts
  • Security-themed activities open to the public
  • In-person and private training options

What to Expect

Security Education and Awareness is a continuous effort at Boston University.  Employees are introduced to secure computing practices and concepts at the point of hire, and continue throughout their career at BU in the form of regular awareness messages and campaigns, trainings, and events.

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