Service Area/Program Portfolio Managers
Administrative Systems and Reporting
Auxiliary Services Peter Smokowski
CRM and Admissions Marylou O’Donnell Rundlett
Development and Alumni Relations Steve Witkowski
Campus Planning & Operations Gregg Synder
Faculty Systems Faculty Systems Steering Committee (Derek Howe, Maureen O’Rourke, Ken Freeman)
Finance/Sourcing/HR Fin/Sourcing/HR Steering Committee (Gillian Emmons, Randall Moore, Gretchen Hartigan, Ken Freeman, Derek Howe)
Healthcare Applications Gloria Waters, Ken Freeman, Judy Platt
Research Administration Research Administration Steering Committee (Gloria Waters, Diane Baldwin, Kate Mellouk)
SIS Core Tracy Schroeder, Christine McGuire
Strategic Information
Reporting Reporting Steering Committee (Gillian Emmons, Derek Howe, Ken Freeman, Maureen O’Rourke, Christine McGuire)
Client Computing and Collaboration Services
Desktop Computing Jill Beckman
Collaboration Services Michael Harvey
Communication Services Mark Kimionakis
Service Management Janet O’Brien, Jill Beckman
Web Publishing Interactive Design and Tracy Schroeder
Information Security and Business Continuity
Identity and Access Management Eric Jacobsen
Information Security Eric Jacobsen
Research Computing
Research Computing Gloria Waters
Teaching and Learning
Learning Management Systems and Classroom Technologies Chris Dellarocas
Enterprise Architecture and Infrastructure
Server Hosting and Management Greg Weldon
Storage and Data Management Greg Weldon
Systems Greg Weldon
Networking System Chuck von Lichtenberg